Day 4

Day 4 (In the words of Bum on Bike, Jules) We’ve had a good day – 95 miles covered and 2,000 metres climbed, and we are now a third of our way through the challenge. The Herefordshire and Shropshire terrain is truly beautiful and much more hospitable to cyclists with rolling hills where metres climbed

Day 3

Day 3 (In the words of Bum on Bike, Jules) Day 3 is the longest day on our LEJOG quest at 97 miles with c.2,000 metres of climbing. So it felt especially good to pull into Speech House Hotel this evening with the day behind us and knowing we are a quarter of our way

Day 2

Day 2 (In the words of Bum on Bike, Jules) The thing about doing 95 miles and 2,500 metres on Day 1 is that you think 72 miles and 1,500 metres on Day 2 will be easy. Sadly not! We have had a lovely day cycling through Dartmoor on the Granite Way and on up

Day 1

Day 1 (In the words of Bum on Bike, Jules) I’m writing this at 10.15pm after a long day…our various GPS devices all said different things but with a lunch detour to the Eden Project we cycled c.95 miles, but more significantly climbed c.2,500 metres which is an awful lot of hills. Anyway, we made

Ground Zero

Ground zero (In the words of Bum on Bike, Charles) Reality has finally struck; the adventure starts after weeks of chatter. The only question in our minds is: have we done enough, can we ride the 1,000 miles in 12 days and will my body stand up to the pressure? We contemplate whether we will

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