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Bowel & Cancer Research funds the best science across the UK into bowel cancer and other bowel diseases. Bowel Cancer is the second biggest cancer killer effecting one of out of every 18 people.   In addition, other bowel conditions such as IBS, Colitis and Crohn’s disease cause misery to significant number.   Despite this there is a horrific lack of funding for research in this area.

The charity’s vision is that no one should die of bowel cancer or have to live with chronic bowel disease.

Bowel & Cancer Research is a modern scientifically-rooted and socially-inclusive charity, funding early stage innovative solutions.  They aim to fund early stage scientific research that allows for the better diagnoses and treatment of bowel cancer and other chronic and underfunded bowel diseases; to save and change lives.

Their approach has helped to secure some genuine research firsts, such as pinpointing mechanisms for pain in Colitis and Crohn’s disease, how important changes occur in the bowel as we age, and the development of a potential novel biological therapy for bowel cancer.

In November 2017, the BBC selected Bowel & Cancer Research for their Lifeline appeal.  They created an emotive piece that highlighted the everyday struggle faced by those living with a bowel disease and the importance of investing in research to create a brighter future.  We feel that this shows why we are undertaking this challenge and why we are asking you to support us.  If you have a few minutes please watch the video.

We are very grateful to the Andy and Tanya in being courageous enough to talk so movingly and openly about their experiences.

Paul Reynolds and Charles Mesquita are Trustees of Bowel and Cancer Research.

Charity number 1119105

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