Day 11

(In the words of Bum on Bike, Jules

Question – how many days do you have to spend seven hours on a saddle before your bum stops hurting? Answer – I don’t know, but it’s more than eleven!

Today was another long day…92 miles and c.1,500 metres climbed. We left Inverness under blue skies but with a chill wind and headed north. The scenery was picturesque enough and we made reasonable time to lunch near Lairg. But this afternoon as the scenery got more dramatic the ride got more gritty and we cycled 40 miles into a strong headwind and as the cold rain came down. It was like sitting on a turbo trainer with the resistance constantly set at 8 and someone turning a cold shower on every 5 minutes. Add in some fairly rough tarmac for good measure to ensure no respite for your bum and you have a gruelling few hours cycling. But this is Scotland so what can you expect.

We arrived at Tongue on the north coast at around 6.00pm, cold and weary. But we are staying in a hotel with stunning views and it is still light at 11.00pm. More importantly, we are within touching distance of JOG.

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