Day 12

(In the words of Bum on Bike, Jules

Mission accomplished – six Bums and Chris’s bike rolled up to John o’Groats at 1.45pm.

Although billed as a short day, Day 12 was still 65 miles with plenty on hills. In fact the first 25 miles were reminiscent of Devon and Cornwall, but colder with a strong north westerly wind. But after a coffee break the landscape flattened out and the wind became our friend, blowing us up the shallower hills and propelling us at pace towards our goal. The last forty miles flew by, but although my legs felt fine, my bum still hurt! I’m not built for this endurance cycling.

But all the aches and pains were worthwhile, and we were elated to reach our goal. And a big thank you to our support team for cajoling us along the way and being such fun to be with.

I’ll write a fuller epilogue tomorrow, but now I am heading to bed with a big smile on my face knowing that by the time we wake up tomorrow our bikes will be well on their way back to London…and the Bums that have been on the bikes will get a well earned rest.

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