Day 5

(In the words of Bum on Bike, Jules)

Whilst Storm Hector blew to the north of us in Scotland we continued to weave our way through the Midlands with slightly less hostile winds. We cycled 92 miles through less hilly terrain.

Today was a day of two halves. This morning we cycled through the picturesque countryside of Cheshire and pretty towns like Knutsford with a stiff breeze behind us and sailed along covering 60 miles by lunch. This afternoon was a different story as the wind shifted eastwards and we headed westwards through Warrington, Wigan and up to Preston. The afternoon was hard miles, and let’s just say the scenery was a stark contrast to earlier in the week!

It’s Day 5 and I should mention Doug. Doug is riding Chris Seery’s bike from LE to JOG, a journey sadly Chris and his beloved bike weren’t able to make. I never met Chris, but he was clearly a legend and sadly died in 2012. When Doug took on this challenge he didn’t realise Chris’s bike is a racing beast with gearing for the track and not the hills of Devon and Cornwall. It is also too big for him. Net result he has knackered his knees and ankles, but each morning he quietly hobbles down to the bike, gets strapped up by Kyle, takes a double dose of Ibuprofen, grits his teeth and quietly grinds his way north. Chris’s bike is going to JOG, no questions asked.

Meanwhile in London David was back at work, attending an investment conference. After dinner he made an impromptu speech about Bums on Bikes and his few days with us. Early indications are the guests donated around £1,000 to the cause. Amazing.

In my mind I had said if we can make it through the first five days, with a shorter day tomorrow, then maybe, just maybe, we can pull this off. Let’s see.

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