Day 8

(In the words of Bum on Bike, Jules)

Our ride today was scheduled to be 94 miles, but we cycled 96 because Paul had to go back to spot where he had his fall yesterday evening on the outskirts of Moffat and hit “resume” on his GPS tracker.

It was a long day, with two big climbs, one straight out of Moffat and the other being Crow Pass in Lanarkshire. But compared to the steep hills of Devon and Cornwall these were more gentle gradients that allowed you to enjoy the views while spinning the pedals. And the descents were long giving us lots of “easy miles”. We were lucky to avoid the rain this morning, but it is caught up with us this afternoon and the last 20 miles were under grey skies with a cool wind and rain in our faces. Total ascents of 2,000 metres had taken their toll by 5.45pm as we arrived at the Port of Menteith, but it is a lovely hotel spectacularly situated at the head of a beautiful loch so the effort was all worthwhile.

I am glad to report that there were no big dramas today. Paul coped brilliantly despite the trauma of yesterday and we are now two thirds of the way there. We roll on.

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