Day 9

(In the words of Bum on Bike, Jules

When you wake up in the morning because your thighs ache and you are looking for a chair with a cushion on it, to sit down on at breakfast, you need to mentally prepare for a long day ahead. As it turned out the 80 miles and c.1,800 metre climb were not as bad as I feared.

We started the day with a 350 metre climb over Duke’s Pass into the Trossachs before joining national cycle route 7 and heading up to Loch Tay. It was truly beautiful and with a stiff south westerly breeze behind us we flew along. The only thing that slowed us down was having to stop round each corner for another photo as the views had got even better. We got to Kenmore for a rather late lunch at around 3.30pm so put the cameras away and grouped up for a fast 20 miles into Pitlochry, rolling in 5.45pm.

During our challenge we’ve only had six punctures, but today mechanical problems started to creep in. Dave’s wheel bearing gave up the ghost, and Ian’s rear wheel hit one too many potholes at speed and started popping spokes. After nine days it’s not just our bodies that are feeling the strain, and the biggest smile of the day was Doug’s as we arrived at the hotel and he proclaimed “only two and half days to go”.

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